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Afranet Data Center
Since 2008, the transfer of the Iranian internet sites from abroad to inside, has been seriously. followed by the managers of the organizations and leading companies such as the ministries, public sector organizations, companies, as well as the major political, economic, and cultural centers. As a leader in the country’s IT field, and as the holder of the first rank from the High Council of Informatics and the holder of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 aiming to IT Security and Business Continuity enhancement in the IT area, and also to help this national issue to materialize, Afranet Company has launched its equipped data center similar to world rank centers, which is quite unique in its kind within the country. For the time being, this data center is hosting some of the strategic and most frequently referred sites such as the open university entrance examination results website to which around two million visitors may refer on a daily basis. Considering the mentioned capability, Afranet Company is now prepared to offer a variety of date center services such as Dedicated Center, Co-location, Virtual Private Server, and webhosting to the interested companies and organizations.

Afranet Data Center Features

Afranet is connected to the Iranian Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, Telecommunication Company of Iran, TTCC and IRIB through the fiber optic technology which has noticeably increased the continuity of the services. Afranet’s bandwidth sold to the broadband customers amounts to more than 2 Gigabit Per Second which indicates the company’s super high capacity in rendering data center services.

The basic features of Afranet Data Center based on the latest global standards such as CISCO SAFE are referred to as below:
  • IT Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Network Operation Center(NOC)
  • 24/7 Technical Support (round the clock)
  • State of the art Data Center Design
  • Convenient Location
dedicated server
co-location server
virtual private server
web hosting

Why use a Data Center ?

Thanks to the development of computer networks and particularly internet, and considering the organizations’ fast movement towards integrated information, the need for a secure space to manage information such as saving, classifying, retrieving, and disseminating the information through speedy communications is acutely felt.

To make this materialize, organizations are using datacenters services (IDC). Three main elements of datacenters consist of:
  1. hardware (servers, switches, routers, modems, and network utilities)
  2. utilities required for environmental controls (including temperature control, humidity, Closed Circuit Cameras, and fire alarms)
  3. Information security (such as using hardware and software and security procedures and the appropriate network design for this purpose to materialize)

The results of a survey conducted in 330 large companies in the world shows that the datacenter users give the first priority to IT Security and second to the Business Continuity the requirement of which is the uninterrupted power supply, reliable bandwidth, suitable hardware and software, efficient staff, and appropriate organizational procedures. Considering the necessity for transferring the webhosting related services of the websites from abroad to inside the country to ensure the information confidentiality and to eliminate the country’s dependence on the foreigners in this regard, it would be quite necessary for organizations and the companies of the public and the private sector to be able to use the developed datacenter services from within the country.

Presently, the companies and the organizations use one of the three following methods to save their information and applications:
  1. Use foreign data center services
  2. Keep servers within their organizations
  3. Use domestic data center services

Description Foreign Data Center Keep Inside Company Domestic Data Center
IT Security
Business Continuity
Independence from political interventions and sanctions
Real access to the servers
24/7 Technical Support

Afranet Data Center Service

Co-location Services

Private and public sector organizations which had to use the foreign hosting services to access their databases in the past, can now keep their dedicated servers in Afranet Datacenter in Iran and enjoy high quality and security corresponding to the world class modern standards. In Afranet Datacenter, all the customer’s utilities are kept and preserved in a suitable and dedicated area without the possibility of unauthorized people to have an access.

Afranet’s Co-location Services Features:
  • Allocation of suitable area for the customer’s server hosting
  • Provision of a continuous service(with %99.9 reliability coefficient)
  • IT Security
  • Dedicated Server Management Possible by Customer
  • Back up possibility
  • 24/7 Technical Support Ready

Dedicated server Services

Dedicated server services is an effective facility for those institutes and large organizations which do not intend to share servers with others due to various reasons such as necessity for their information high security and continuity. This kind of service provides the customer with various possibilities such as a dedicated server, provision of backups from the organization’s information and data as well as the management of the dedicated server. Thanks to all these features, has caused many organizations to regard a dedicated server in an authentic datacenter as more suitable and advantageous and prefer to use this method.

Dedicated Server Features:
  • Dedication of an independent server to the customer
  • Provision of a continuous service(with %99.9 reliability coefficient)
  • IT Security
  • Dedicated Server Management Possible by Customer
  • Back up possibility
  • 24/7 Technical Support Ready

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server includes all the facilities that a Dedicate Server provides, but the hardware boundaries are separated by the Vm-Ware software.

Although the cost for such services are less than a private server, but it has the same efficiency and executive capabilities of the private server. Moreover, backup copies can easily be retrieved from the virtual server.

Comparing to Web Hosting Service, it has the feasibility of providing administrator access for the clients and virtual file has more security because the system is separated. It will assure you that your data would be absolutely inaccessible by the irrelevant people.

By providing a more secure internal data center, and committed to international standards, optimized utilization of hardware and benefiting from the high bandwidth backed up by satellite’s routes and fiber optics, Afranet Company can be a suitable domestic substitute in provision of comparable services currently provided by foreign companies.

Afranet’s Virtual Private Server Features:

  • Allocating proper space for the client in the main server and accessing to more resources in the shared hardware
  • Quick upgrade possibility (In less than a few minutes)
  • Provision of a continuous service (%99.9 Reliability)
  • Backup copies ready
  • 24/7 Technical support

Hybrid Server

Hybrid server is a combination of physical server and virtualization technologies. In other words, with hybrid servers clients get the best of both worlds. Resource can be scaled up or scaled down accordingly, making it more flexible and, therefore, more cost-effective. When there is more demand placed on the servers, capacity can be increased to match that demand.

Hybrid clouds to some extent have the all benefits of a dedicated server and virtual server (VPS).

Afranet’s Hybrid Server Features:

  • High traffic allocation in packages
  • Quick and automated installation
  • Various ports (10MB, 100MB, 1 GB, …)
  • High Flexibility in server resource modification
  • Dedicated and separated resources
  • Provision of a continuous service (%99.9 Reliability)
  • Backup copies ready
  • 24/7 Technical support