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Afranet, is a public company operating within the IT sector in Iran. Headquartered in Tehran, it is one of the largest IT services companies in the country providing a range of products, capabilities and consulting services to a broad spectrum of business communities.

The company has a national presence and enjoys a reputation for brand quality and range of its services provision portfolios.

Afranet went public on August 2011, as the first IT Company in Iran to have done so.

The company's current portfolio, includes broadband internet, data center, cloud services and e-commerce.


Afranet is the first private ISP in Iran established in 1997 and as such has a wealth of experience within the Broadband internet sector.

The company currently supplies a range of industries through either Wireless or Fiber infrastructures and is currently the market leader in the provision of dedicated links in the country.


Data Center

Afranet entered the data center industry in 2009 as a strategic business decision to diversify its services portfolio and to maintain its competitive edge through introducing new and emerging technologies. Afranet is currently one of the leading data center providers in the country and has enjoyed magnificent growth in its data center business stream since 2009.


Following its success in the data center venture, the company initiated a comprehensive effort for Cloud Services. Afranet currently is the first Cloud Services provider in Iran. This is a strategic position which coupled with the company’s renowned QMS and the nature of the country’s demographics, Afranet intends to maintain.

Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce constitutes another business stream and compliments the company’s Services Portfolio in line with its vision of being a complete solutions provider. The company’s EC business Stream develops and maintains the AZAD University’s –the world’s third largest university with student population in excess of 2 million- entrance exam registration & results system.