Social Responsbility

social responsibility unicef
social responsibility unicef
social responsibility unicef

Afranet not only provides clients with IT related services nationwide but also enforces activities beyond the business boundaries as a fulfillment of the company’s social mission.

  • Free internet to schools in deprived areas (in cooperation with Schoolnet)

Schoolnet is the main project undertaken by the Science & Arts Foundation (SAF). The objective of the Schoolnet program is to empower the students in the age of information revolution. The Schoolnet program has provided model state Iranian schools with up-to-date computer facilities, Internet access, ICT training and collaborative projects. Afranet is a sponsor of the Science and Arts Foundation's programs.

  • Free equipment to Schoolnet

Afranet provides free equipment to deprived schools to furnish their computer labs.

  • Financial and logistical support for rural kindergartens (in cooperation with UNICEF)

Afranet is a sponsor of the UNICEF initiative of making rural kindergartens and has participated in its Sistsan and Balouchestan province project.

  • Financial Support Program for orphans (in cooperation with the I.K. Relief Foundation)

Afranet is a sponsor of the I.K. Relief Foundation's Orphans Financial Support Program and financially supports 20 orphans through this institution.

  • Free national university entrance exam results

Afranet started this project in 2001 through which millions of university applicants can see their results quickly and easily through web, email, and SMS for free.